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  • 14 Jan 2009



When I was pregnant it seemed as though my belly had a sign on it that said “Please Touch.” Everyone and anyone would come up to me, rub my belly, and ask how far along I was. I consider myself to be a polite person, and did not want to be rude; but, I became very uncomfortable with strangers always rubbing my pregnant belly. So, I had to think of some creative ways around it. If I saw them coming at me, I would say something like, “ Oh it is very sensitive right now, please don’t touch it.” Or, I would back away enough distance, and extend my hand for a handshake instead; sometimes catching them off guard, but they would still smile and stay for a quick chat. Although, there were those times that I was just caught off guard and it happened anyway. It is nice that even strangers care, but personally, for me it became a little unnerving after awhile.


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