• Posted by Pregnant Stories
  • 06 May 2009

A lot of parents today do not realize that their baby products may contain harsh chemicals that can possibly harm their children. Even products that advertise words such as “natural,” and “fragrance free,” may still contain harsh chemicals.


It is always important to read all of the ingredients contained on the label of your products. If you would like information on which products may contain harmful chemicals, SkinDeep, a cosmetic safety database, is a site that breaks down any harmful ingredients that your products may contain.

Additionally, if you would like to purchase baby products that do not contact harsh chemicals, but don’t know where to shop, I recently came across a website that contains a lot of natural products that your baby can use.


The website is called Baby Earth and contains everything a parent could need from nursery gear, to clothes, to bath products. I really like that a lot of Baby Earth’s products are natural and free of harsh chemicals. One of my favorite products is the SwaddleMe Bamboo wrap, which is eco-friendly.

Another company that sells natural baby products is Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees products can be purchased online, and also at stores such as CVS, Target, Ulta, and Wegmans.