• Posted by Pregnant Stories
  • 04 May 2011

My very first shower my sister-in-law threw for me when we came down to visit them…I thought it was really very sweet, but I didn’t know ANYONE THERE — I really didn’t even know HER very well…so it was a very akward thing, all these people that were HER friends coming to my shower to be nice to the poor girl with no friends… I mean we got really nice stuff and all, but it was just sooooo weird. AND she invited my husbands ex-girlfriend whom I had to sit next to and chat with…that was weird for both of us because they dated for like 2 years and apparently she had her wedding dress all picked out and everything- but he broke it off and we met a few months later. (To be fair, she was my SIL’s roommate in college, so it wasn’t just out of the blue)

The only other shower story I have – is my shower with my youngest daughter. I was really excited to be having a shower since it was my first girl and first baby in 4 years, so we needed pretty much everything and its just really FUN getting girl stuff after 6 years of walking past the little girls section going…”*sigh* that stuff is really cute”.

So I am all pumped about my shower and I WENT INTO LABOR the night before and had the baby. 3 weeks early, which NO one was expecting. I asked them (SIL and MIL) if they could just postpone it till the next week and then I could bring the baby, AND my mom would be in town and could come– they said NO~!

Nothing had even been bought yet, but they had the party anyway, without me. My boys opened all the gifts and when I got them home I didn’t even know what had come from who! And to top it off my MIL didn’t even COME TO THE HOSPITAL to see her newest grandbaby– she was too busy with the shower.